Our Offerings

Summer at “Der Kuckuck”

Enjoy our extensive menu and wine list! We guarantee relaxing hours by candlelight in our garden with views of the Prince Eugene Palace.

The garden is open from 11:30 am, weather permitting.

Events in “Der Kuckuck”

Would you like to rent the Kuckuck exclusively? Absolutely no problem! We would be delighted to let you have the restaurant for a lunchtime or evening event. Please contact us to discuss your require-ments so that we can ensure that your event is as unique and special as our restaurant!

Catering from “Der Kuckuck”

You only need to call us to ensure that your party or corporate event has that special something! We will be delighted to use our expert knowledge to help and advise you with all aspects of the planning to ensure that your event is perfect in every way and becomes a delightful, lasting memory for your guests.